Can you handle the cuteness?

I personally cannot.


but then there are those people who need to make cute things explode…



in fact, theres an entire youtube channel dedicated to cute things exploding.

I don’t think it’s mean, just creepy. It means there might be someone out there who has a hobby of making (not real, but still) cute things explode.

And just  imagine if it became the new fashion, making cute things explode. Do you understand the sheer creepiness of these people?

theoverthink3r cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by cuteness. If you have any complaints call 100-300-I-DON’T-CARE.

p.s. if u like, don’t like, think it’s boring, think it’s great, plz comment.

that way i can try to make it better or know to keep it this way.


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