I love reading. For me it’s the next thing to going on an adventure (unless the book is extremely dull)

I love fiction, action & adventure, like the Harry Potter series or the Percy jackson series.

Right now I’m reading The Mysterious Benedict Society, which, of all the kids-saving-the-world books, is one of the best.

Something that really bugs me is that in some movies, the story changes completely from the book. An entirely different story, just with the same character names and the same title.


The most annoying books are the ones that seem to be shoving info into your head, disguising it shoddily behind fiction. At least disguise it better!

Then there are those books that end so unsatisfactorily (yes, it’s a word), like when theres a truce between good guys and bad guys, and the bad guys don’t get destroyed, or when you think theres going to be a relationship, then it just disappears at the very end of the book.

But other than those, I probably couldn’t live without books, and I’m not even a nerd.


And what books do you love or hate?


One thought on “Books

  1. Harry Potter!!
    oh, and look at this video
    ” rolling in the deep parody harry potter” its really funny!!

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