Book Review: The Divide Series

I read  the divide series ages ago and have reread 3 times since. I liked it a lot (duh).

The plot: the main character, a thirteen year old kid called Felix, has a heart disease, and might not live very long. He goes on vacation to Costa Rica and wanders ahead on a path in the jungle, away from his parents and guide. He finds the spot where the water flows into either the Pacific or the Atlantic. Somehow, he positions himself precisely in the middle and is sent off into another dimension, where dwarves and elves and pixies are real and humans are just myths.

Ok well that wasnt really the plot: he saves the world from an evil pixie (yes, it sounds terrible) who sells not so good medicine. When he comes back,(beginning of book 2) the evil pixie (Snakeweed the evil pixie) comes too and casts a spell that turns his parents to marble and anything that touches them turns too. So Felix heads back to the other dimension to find a cure. In book 3 a bully from the school felix goes to finds an evil genies lamp in felixs backpack that wants to have a solid form. They both go to the divide and the bully finds a box that will grant him loads of things if he just says the words that would destroy both dimensions.

My likes: its gripping and adventurous.

My dislikes: the main characters name reminds me of that dumb cat, the ending isnt particularly satisfying.




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