Leisure Diving and Odd Location Names


some people started a blog called Leisure Dive, and Im sure you can figure out what its about. You can even send in your own leisure dives.                                                                                                                            some part of me wonders if any of the pics are fake… but hey, they’re still pretty cool.

Onto the next topic: Mianus. I am most seriously not kidding, thats what somebody called a neighborhood in Greenwich, Conneticut.

Theres even some Jackass episode on it:

In their defense, it was formerly called mayamus

Secondly, Moose Jaw, Canada. I would find something strongly unpleasant in living in Moose Jaw.

Accident, in West Virginia I think. So does nobody raise their hand and ask Uhh, sorry, but are we really going to call this place Accident? when they decide on the name?

Barf in Cumbria, UK. They had to color it green?              

Beauty, Kentucky. They’re not all bad

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

Big Right Hand, West Virginia

Blue Cow New South Wales, Australia

Boring, Oregon

Booger Mountain, North Carolina

Bug, Kentucky

and these are only the ones starting in b


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