The intense weirdness of dreams…

Last night I seem to have nightmared (if you can dream something you can nightmare it) three story plots, or one complicated one. Here’s what I wrote down:

Lots in the middle of a desert (dirt,not sand) in tents during a lightning storm (general DANGER).

Then they get into city and a lady (evil probably?) wants to bind them (their spirits, souls? dunno, but the “souls” take shape of lunchboxes) with herself so as to control them (though she denies it, truthfully or not?).

Later there’s a pale, single-armed (extremely creepy!!) man (NOT A DARN ZOMBIE!!) with seemingly evil intentions, maybe following the kids. Seems to have fallen of a copter (like maybe the kids got to city on copter and knew the man all along, maybe even already hunting the kids in desert? Hunting kids with special powers?)                                                                                                                                                The main character (girl or guy?) has a friend (girl) who can rocket into the sky.

Given that there were 9 question marks and 3 maybes it’s not exactly a set plot. It might even be three plots. But that’s dream reading for you.


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