My charming poetry

I have recently developed this delightful (not…) tendency to spout poetry that really sucks.

Here is a particularly… eccentric… specimen written after we were hurrying to get something to eat before boarding a plane: (in my defense i was exhausted)

Rush,rush, we’re all in a rush
There’s no time to talk, so do hush
Just keep rushing for we need to rush
Till our feet hurt and our faces flush

My every breath hurts
There’s a stitch in my side
But we can’t miss the plane
I shan’t break my stride;

Were it up to me
I’d take my time
But with the others along
The choice isn’t mine

And now I’m rather miffed
(if you want to put it nicely)
For the time we have to eat
Is 20 minutes precisely.

And finally I’m tiring
Of all this shoddy rhyming
Though it makes these drab accounts
That bit more exciting

really, it’s quite unique. poems seem to come out better when i’m annoyed.

speaking of poems, i saw amanda rudd’s wordpress blog and from there i learned about literary tattoos, and i saw one of an illustration in The Giving Tree, written by Shel Silverstein, who wrote awesome poems. Anyway, here it is

the second i heard about them i decided i needed to get one (when i could) because i love books. books have always been my friends. the most loyal ones actually.

anyway, if you want to see more go to the word made flesh, a site totally dedicated to literary tattoos. check them out. they really are cool


“Speak freely. Write candidly. Read endlessly.”


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