you might have noticed that the title of the blog changed

i’ve decided to change the title every week or two, depending on the week’s topic.

this week it’s skywatching

for a few years now, i’ve been endlessly fascinated by the sky and weather. I’ve always seen it more like magic/fiction than science: small creatures lit the stars at night (got that one via book), they painted the edges of clouds with pink highlighters,  the edges of the clouds at night, watched from an airplane above the sparkling city lights, looked like the ragged hem of a cloak made of midnight, that the moon was a kind, thoughtful spirit, all these fairytale-like theories that came along because I wish they were true and because my imagination, when left to ponder, starts working overtime, and the sky is always there to ponder about. A vivid imagination is the most volatile childhood companion, that can be both a royal pain and the coolest gift, like a cursed treasure or something.

so, anyway, given the endless fascination, i tend to take loads of pictures that can be posted here.


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