I have seen many animal voiceovers is my time, and this is definitely one of the best

On another note, the iphone 4g. It’s awesome. No doubt about that. Just one thing: apple has this thing going of touch technology. And then you have a program that you don’t even need to tap to use? Convenient, but defies the point of the whole touch technology craze.

Rambling on.

Yet another thing have not understooden. Yes, understooden. Grammar. One goes to elementary school, and, of course, learns all about verbs, adjectives, adverbs bla bla bla and as one grows up they start texting. And abbreviating. You spend an age learning every corner of grammar, and yet when you’re 35 you don’t even use the most correct version you’ve been taught.

Oh well. Life goes on.


everyone’s seen the alice in wonderland movie. It’s really good, can’t be denied. But they do not know what they’re missing in the books.


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