things to do when you’re bored

here are some activities for when you’re bored

well, if you’re into this sort of stuff, you might as well do it, or at least the ones possible in this world.

It fascinates me: I wonder just how bored you have to be to make this list.

if you want to read all 474 of them go to


– Wax the ceiling
– Rearrange political campaign signs
– Sharpen your teeth
– Play Houdini with one of your siblings
– Braid your dog’s hair
– Clean and polish your belly button
– Water your dog…see if he grows
– Wash a tree
– Knight yourself
– Name your child Edsel
– Scare Stephen King
– Give your cat a mohawk
– Purr
– Mow your carpet
– Play Pat Boone records backwards
– Vacuum your lawn
– Sleep on a bed of nails
– DON’T toss and turn
– Boil ice cream
– Run around in squares
– Think of quadruple entendres
– Speak in acronyms
– Have your pillow X-rayed
– Drink straight shots…of water
– Calmly have a nervous breakdown
– Give your goldfish a perm
– Fly a brick
– Play tag…on West 35th Street
– Exorcise a ghost
– Exercise a ghost
– Be blue
– Be red
– But don’t be orange
– Plant a shoe
– Sweat
– Give a Rorschach test to your gerbil
– Turn
– Write a letter to Plato
– Mail it
– Take your sofa for a walk
– Start
– Stop
– Dial 911 and breathe heavily
– Go to a funeral…tell jokes
– Play the piano…with mittens on
– Scheme
– Sit
– Stay
– Water your family room
– Cause a power failure
– Roll over
– Play dead
– Find a witch


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