Wallpaper clocks are phat

Wallpaper clocks are phat. Yes, phat. Wow, it’s such a weird word that it’s taken as a typo on spell-check.

Phat: a word our ancestors used to indicate that something/someone is cool.

I noticed that i use the words cool and awesome far too much in my posts and they’re starting to sound dumb. So everything cool is phat for now.

Anyway, wallpaper clocks are very phat, especially the ones found on http://vladstudio.com/wallpaperclock/browse.php. They also do normal wallpapers, which are also phat. Notice that I do not use the word cool as many times in my other posts as I am using phat in this one. Anyway, here are some wallpapers of theirs (google database and where jellybeans are born)

and heres a wallpaper clock of theirs


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