Writer’s block

Writer’s block is a condition caused by lack of inspiration. Here are some sources of inspiration

  • Music. Actually, even when I don’t have writer’s block I get my best ideas from music. It’s sort of a forced imagination. It doesn’t usually come naturally. But the music makes me imagine situations, varying almost every time I hear the song, in which my characters could be in. Does not necessarily work for plots, twist and turns.
  • Looking at art, or images. I’m guessing art is destined to make people think and feel. For example, The Scream scares the crud out of me. Anywho, if art can make you think, you can manipulate that thinking into thoughts about your writing.
  • Solitude in a preferably not gloomy location. Outdoors, for example. Common belief that fresh air helps clean the mind. I say solitude because having someone yammering in your ear does not tend to help, unless they are yammering about interesting things. Or you could invent a horrible fate for said person and apply to one of your characters.
  • So I guess that makes the previous thing separate: applying things to real people, or base a character on them. If you have an opinion and thoughts about a person, you can use those for the character.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT MOPE AND MOAN ABOUT HAVING WRITERS BLOCK. Moping and moaning never got anyone anywhere. So there.

Hope these work.


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