Oh. My. God.

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy.

You cannot deny that these are some of the




At first I was like “Well, no magic or fantasy sort of stuff… but hey everyone says it’s great, so I might as well” (i love magic to the point of obsession).

I started reading: pretty cool, has a cool idea of the future being the same as the past, with the same sort of poverty/wealth contrast

second chapter: the book has me almost entirely gripped on an emotional level

third chapter: I am won over

the book goes on, and just when you think “it can’t get more unputdownable” (yes, it’s a word, I found it in the thesaurus), you find a turn of events, or a tense action scene that keeps your eyes glued to the book. 

anywho, Catching Fire is just as good as The Hunger Games, and Mockingjay possibly even better.

What’s cool is how Collins sort of explains the effect of the Games on the tributes on a psychological level, how they slowly turn into wild animal, forced to murder for survival, but still humane enough (Katniss at least) to feel sorrow for their enemies.

And to my joy, the movie came out!! And they’re already planning Catching Fire!!!!!


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