One dreary April afternoon, I was so bored I could die. So, looking around searching for something to do, I came across our copious amount of art suplies which we never/hardly ever use. Among these was the old shoe box labeled FABRIC MARKERS. I had just sorted my wardrobe, coming across three identical, boring white tees. So, of course, the first thing that came to mind was decorating at least one of them. But drawing would hardly guarantee the greatest results. Hence, the best option was stenciling.

So I pulled out my

  • 2 fabric blow pens of hideous colors (dark green and yellow)
  • black fabric marker
  • X-Acto knife
  • plastic cutting board or mat (no idea what you call these things) which I really hope is self-healing

And printed out this simply delightful image

Which, when cut, came out like this

which, admittedly, took a while. When I finished, I looked at it, and saw that all the thin little parts sticking out were all ripped and folded. So of course this was going to be the crappiest stencil ever made.

But no point coming this far then stopping, so I took the green blow pen, which works like this:

And made this:

I was amazed. Almost (but not quite) to the point of arrogance (after all, all I had done was cut an image). It had come out so much better than I’d thought that I decided to do another one on the back:

The panda with guns. Which also came out pretty well (and by the way is not by Banksy, or so he claims). It got a bit splotchy at the edges, but not enough to make it look bad and unrecognizable.

Anyway, I think I have developed a liking for making stencils.


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