Photo Tuesday

So I stole this idea from elenacaravela’s quaint blog (hehe, quaint. Quail+paint?).Only she still has the idea. It’s still there. So technically I did not steal it. Same thing with piracy. Anyway, she came up with photo friday. Friday is rather inconvenient for me, since consistency is not my forte and fridays I am less consistent than usual. If I don’t like doing something I will forget to do it (homework, chores, cleaning up). If I like doing something there’s a 50% chance that I’ll remember it (then 20% that I’ll remember it in the middle of the night, 30% that I’ll remember it 2 days later). I like posting on my blog. So with the cunning use of reminders on my ipod, maybe I’ll actually post photos on tuesdays.

The gynco tree in the garden


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