Photo Tuesday avec une Cold

I have lost my voice. Which is both lovely and terrible: lovely because

1. nobody can test me in geography (they’re too lazy to make a written test)

2. I have an excuse not to answer things I would not want to answer, or say things I don’t feel like saying

terrible because

1a. the cause of my voicelessness is a cold (why the hell do I have to get a cold in spring???) which has, obviously, left me feeling tired and achy (or properly spelled “aky”) and grumpyish, hence

1b. when I really have to talk it hurts quite a bit

given the absence of my oral voice, my written voice is a relief.

moooving on, voilà la photo de ce mardi:

My darling dog’s nose, poking out of a pile of my old clothes

i forgote to say that all these photos that I post for photo tuesday are mine, taken by menot uploaded from the internet. Just so we’re clear.


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