Compulsory Reading

So I am irked. Very much irked. Because I am being forced to read.

Now I love reading. But being forced to read is a whole different thing, and I’m sure fellow bibliophiles get that.

What’s worse is that it’s not even in english- reading in a language that’s not your own is like eating good food with a toothache, you like the food but the toothache distracts you. Furthermore what I have to read isn’t even fantasy, which is the only thing I read.  And yes, there are so many arguments against that, such as exploring new horizons, learning more, whatever but I read for fun. To be inspired. To fuel my imagination. And I don’t like to feel like I’m being taught as I read probably because I read for me, and learning is what other people want me to do.

Lastly, what i’m reading is sad, it’s the diary of Anne Frank, which is, I’m sure, a great cultural lesson, but a sad book is so much more than a sad movie. The written word has a much stronger way of conveying sadness than a movie does. And, although I kind of deny it, I have a very low sadness threshold.

But hey, so long as I’m reading it, might as well embrace the culture.

Now I’m done complaining and saying I (which has been said 18 times in this post), here’s the drawing challenge day 3 and 4

you may ask what makes the animal ( which I will call the Varmoot, Ovoquantor or Floinia) i truly remarkable. Well, it’s an amphibious avian, and if I had to reincarnate into any animal it would be this one. Moreover it only wears high heels. Then there’s my favorite food where I drew a taco for lack of something more creative to put down. Besides, who does have a favorite food?


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