So what’s my favorite place?

I dare you to try and name your favorite place and draw it.

I spent 5 minutes thinking what my favorite place was, finally turning to inventing something. It’s a bit trickier when your family is blasting their podcasts and music at full strength (it is disconcerting that, while hearing the song Kung Fu Fighting, all I can think of as places are dojos) and the heat sometimes has you staring at one spot for a veeeeery long time, then suddenly realizing how much time you’ve wasted.

For me, every place has a “vibe”, which is basically how I see the place. And unless you are extremely skilled at drawing, conveying a vibe through paper is difficult, and usually comes out entirely different from how you envisioned it.

Writing (good writing) can give a place an atmosphere, so every time I try to think of a place i like that’s not real, I see places in books.


I’m not sure I can finish my favorite place drawing today, although I have made a terrible start in it : D


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