Couch Shopping… YAY!

So yesterday I spent 3 hours total in the car with my parents. They had asked if I wanted to come with them to another city with a design store that had couch beds, saying that we could even explore the city a bit. I was a bit dumb. I saw getting out of the house and exploring a different city, not noticing the huge billboard, probably somewhere in the back of my mind, flashing COUCH SHOPPING!? in neon lights.

There were 3 couches to choose from. We were out an hour later and they still weren’t the proud owners of a new couch-bed. I will never understand grownups and their furniture shopping.

Luckily, after that it wasn’t so bad, maybe actually worth coming for. There were some nice shops, where I got these

And yes, I do indeed know that my chances of needing 4cm long colored pencils is 1 in 599999, but I like them.


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