Something to overcome

I have been wallowing in self pity lately. Why?

Because I feel like I’m wasting time. And there’s nothing I hate more than time wasted. I’ve been feeling bland, monotonous, tedious, lifeless, vapid. I wake up late, and already that puts me down because if I wake up any time after 8 I feel like I’ve been wasting time. Not that I want to go back to waking up at 6:30, but still. Then i either read or do something on the computer for an hour, and by then it’s already 11- ish. TIme seems to pass so quickly that one minute I’m eating breakfast, the next I’m eating lunch. Then I do homework/watch tv/draw/do more stuff on the computer/swim, and voila, it’s already time for dinner. Now you see why I feel like everything I’m doing is useless. It is useless.

Only today has it really struck me: I’m bored, so i feel like I’m wasting my time, so I think I’m unhappy (it’s not easy to be assertive in this cycle of blandness), which leads me to think that I really really am wasting my time because a moment spent unhappy is a moment wasted.

So I must overcome this. I must give myself something to do. I don’t have the kind of independence or means to leave the house alone, but surely I’ll find some way to overcome my boredom and get out of this vicious circle…

Proceeding onwards, here are the last 3 days’ drawing challanges

It was “draw you favorite book character” but I don’t really have one, although I really like Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables). Didn’t come out too good on the scanner. It was also pretty fun to do the dress, I think I might perfect it later.

My favorite word, oxymoron. I was creatively deficient on this one. First I drew an oxymoron (dry written with a water droplet as a D), then I drew what inevitably came to mind at the word oxymoron, an ox, but i was bored with what I’d drawn so i gave big girly anime eyes, a bunny tail and stripes. In a final attempt I actually drew the word oxymoron. Failed miserably.

My favorite animated character, the little alien from chicken little (just rewatched it recently). And oh-my-god is it cute. I didn’t exactly capture all of its cuteness, but I don’t think this one’s that bad.


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