I noticed that I was 8 days behind on the drawing challenge. Not so surprising. So I decided to go outside and draw my house (turning point in life). There I was in the grass, occasionally swatting an ant off my leg, when I saw it: the minuscule spiderweb covered in dew. The first thing that came to mind: how awesome would that look through a close up lens?

I ran to get my camera, and took these:

kind of proved myself right. it does look cool. the i noticed that I was blocking out my own light, so i turned around:

lots better. then I got up, realizing that my moleskine felt like is was a melt, as was I. But after that I found another spiderweb covered in dew!


now dew on grass and spiderwebs is all very nice, but I wish I had more things to photograph. my garden is all very nice for a while, and it is cool to get an interesting side of the most mundane things, but I want something more exciting to shoot.


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