(part of) Chapter 4

Even her childhood friend’s name took on a different sound now that its owner had changed so much in Echo’s eyes.
“But if she knew, wouldn’t she be here?”
Different emotions passed over Addie’s face, but the strongest was guilt.
“Old prejudices.  Someone was determined to have nothing to do with anyone human. We decided to bring her in with you, but to ask you first.”
Echo was furious that they hadn’t taken her in.  Scarlett was generally pretty shy, but she had an unbeatable determination when someone was unjust. She would not be left to the side. And if people tried to put her aside, she made herself the immediate problem.
Nonetheless, it lave its scar on her when, after so much fighting, she failed.
But Echo left her anger aside for the moment, unable to stay unhappy when she thought of being able to have realized not only her own dream, but that of her friend.
“What do you think? Of course I want her to join!”
Addie seemed relieved.
“Then let’s teleport her here now.”
“Why wasn’t I teleported?” Echo asked.
“Teleports can be intercepted. You’re more of a high security matter, the why of which being another thing you’ll soon find out. Now let me cast the spell.
Lanuae, resigno”

At first nothing seemed to happen. Then a point in the air next to Echo started to stretch, then rip, and the space around it followed, ripping apart like lots of threads splitting at once. And there stood Scarlett, still in her pajamas, a toothbrush in one hand, her mouth full of toothpaste and an expression of utter bewilderment on her face.
“Well, my bathroom grew…” she stated through the toothpaste.
“Sink’s over there” Echo laughed.
“So, who’s going to explain to me why I am in what must be your room,” she looked to Echo “ with one of the snobbiest magical creatures around,” she glared at Addie “ at 7:30 a.m.?”
“Just because Evory refused you doesn’t mean the rest of us agreed. Besides, he’s been dormant for a month.” Addie defended.
“Magical creatures?” asked Echo, caught off guard.
“Well she’s hardly human. Anyway, you’ve finally decided to take her in?”
“Yes. Your predictions were accurate. In answer to your question, you’re here because we’d decided to take you in with her. Your belongings are in the next room.” Addie turned for the door.
“And Scarlett, please don’t let Evory’s actions make you prejudiced against all of us. We’re not like him.” And she left.
With the tension gone, Scarlett broke out into a grin.


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