Photographer’s Paradise

No, it’s not a place. I wish.

But the next best thing: a site

Anything that has something to do with cameras and is very cool, has it. But bare in mind that almost everything on there costs less on

despite it having not so many things, I still have 10 tabs open for the things on there that I’m considering buying, and the best of which are:

minimo-x, what must be the smallest and simplest double exposure (takes two shots with different lighting), plus it does video. Maybe when I have 110$ to spare…

filters!! i’ve been looking for simple filters for ages. Only disadvantage is I’m not sure how I’m supposed to fit one on a Nikon d100.

time lapse camera

you may or may not know what a royal pain it is to make a time lapse with only you’re normal camera. If you do, you may or may not decide that this handy little thing is worth 140$

the spy lens

now what’s a kid that doesn’t like spy things? it’s got this mirror thing which I have yet to understand that, while it looks like you’re shooting straight ahead, you can be shooting left, right, up or down. Hopefully nobody will notice the hole you’ve got in your lens.



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