Odd notes and insomnia

I just got back from a trip that moved my body 9 time zones away. Well, a week ago. Yet here is my sleeping schedule:

night 1, sleep till almost noon (was awake for 20-ish hrs)

night 2, fall asleep at 6 am, wake up at 11

night 3, fall asleep at 5, wake up at 11

night 4, fall asleep at 4ish, wake up at 10:30, think to myself  “ooh, it’s getting better, tomorrow maybe i’ll wake up at 9:30 or 10”

night 5, fall asleep whenever, wake up past noon. such a remarkable improvement. wait, i was trying to not sleep away half the day? crap.

night 6, fall asleep at 5, wake up at 11

night 7, no friggin sleep.

feeling a bit like the walking dead, haven’t even got the energy to cry about it. i know, it sounds whiny, but for someone who hasn’t slept properly in a week, it’s reason enough to cry, because of the 10, 20, whatever percentage of my brain that i use, 0.0001 is still in order. Meaning concentration, common sense, emotions, reflexes are in the worst state of disarray (positively no scientific basis, just scatterbrained theory). Somehow, despite actually getting sleep (6 hrs is, after all, an ok amount) if i don’t get it in the correct time frame, it does absolutely nothing. Joy.

yes, i’m sure you were dying to know about how i’ve slept, audient void.


on a very different note, my computer dashboard has succumbed to an invasion on sticky notes. it is the stickiest dashboard in all the kingdom. and some of them are downright weird. among reminders, links, ideas, quotes, there’s the occasional


name your ipod the black pearl (syncing the black pearl

my life is oregano

movie stranger than fiction

play this on piano http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDsFm8gD-38

unipeg (unicorn+pegasus)

movie pitch perfect

can’t staple water to a tree


drink soy sauce to stay awake?


it would be slightly reassuring to know i’m not the only one who writes down this balderdash, claptrap, twaddle, blather; dross, rubbish, hogwash, baloney, tripe, jive, bilge, bull, crap, bunk, poppycock, piffle, bunkum. You can always count on the thesaurus for a really weird exit.


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