Remember what I said about The Diary of Anne Frank being sad? I was just erroneously judging from what other people told me. It is not sad. I am sad.

As you may know, I’m a person who wholeheartedly loathes boredom, and will do many things to avoid boredom.  Therefore I wholeheartedly loathe this book.

Now in the beginning I blamed her dad, for publishing it, but as i read on i see that she was actually hoping to have her diary published. Should I feel the need to blame someone for wanting to publish a terrible book? Does it make contrary to freedom of speech? Still puzzling it out. I feel very hostile towards whoever said the diary was a must read, coming of age, informative, touching yadda yadda yadda book. Liars.

(yes, i do quite feel the childish desire to blame someone). I also blame myself, for being so stupid and not thinking through the setting and how it couldn’t possibly be interesting, or at least looking at reviews.

see, all it really talks about is of a girl. growing up. in an attic.

already i don’t feel like reading about a girl going through puberty. but stuck in an attic?


can’t relate to her.

am learning next to nothing about world war 2.

look back on the 280 pages i’ve already read, and ask myself what i’ve been doing the whole time. what I’ve learned. what part of it wasn’t her constant chatter of life in the Annex.

What else annoys me is her style of writing her diary. My opinion is that a diary is for raw thought. even just images.

She puts everything down pristine, leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s a pain in the ass.

this book is so dry each page sat in the Death Valley sun for a day (no wonder it’s dull too), vacuum packed, turned into a cracker, back into a book, then handed to me.

ok, i’ve let out my rage at a dead person.

on the bright side, when i’m done being forced through this torture I can do those crafts that involve cutting up books. i’ve never really been able to bring myself to cut a book. i just can’t. i love books. But i think cutting it into a box or making popups in it would really help let out the hatred i feel for having to endure such a compact blast- no, thunk (nothing boring makes a blast)- of boredom.

anyway, really pretty song by coeur de pirate


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