Painting my Not-so-Pretty furniture

For crap’s sake, wear foot protection while painting. Especially when you’re clumsy. And research shows that 7 out of 10 americans suffer from a terrible clumsiness (the other 3 enjoy it).  Take my word for it.

Otherwise you might end up like me, with blackboard paint trying to stain my feet black. It tried, but I have mostly thwarted it’s evil efforts by painstakingly scrubbing every part of my foot. I can picture it, twirling its moustache, saying “You have stopped me this time, but i’ll be back, and you shall regret the day you ever opened this container!”, with an impressive evil laugh. Then in wraps its big chalkboardy cloak around itself, and disappears into the depths of the paint can.

I’ve endeavored to make my room look nicer. Don’t get my room, my room looks absolutely delightful (yes mom, absolutely, stupendously delightful). But it could always look nicer. I’ve tried doing this countless times by clearing out the mountains of stuff I have, with few results. So I decided to do it by painting, seeing as i enjoy it.  And because i have ikea furniture, which isn’t exactly ugly, it’s just, you know, ikea. Boring as hell. I started with my big, black’n’white dresser. Called obo.

So with many a layer of primer on it (I scribble on my dresser) it already became nicer. And after the black chalkboard paint it looks so much better.

Now I’ve moved on to my bedside table. It has endured a lot of abuse: cutting (wanted to see if i could carve it), scribbling (when ideas strike in the middle of the night), ink spilled on it, water spilled on it, tea spilled on it…


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