painting paintings to defy gravity

I’ve been looking around, and i keep seeing gravity defying photography.

Which I really wanted to try. But with people. Unfortunately, I do not have invisible cords to brace people to my ceiling. And I can hardly search “see through cords to brace people to the ceiling for gravity defying photography”. Because if I do that I get “Rita Rusic’s Mellow Yellow gravity defying bikini”. Not something i’m wild to see.

Anyway, don’t have the braces, don’t have anyone who’d agree to be put in them besides myself, don’t have a ceiling likely to hold them up.

SO, next best thing is taking that see-thru cord that i never use because it undoes its knots in a mater of seconds, tape it to my ceiling, and attach really, really light objects to it. Like a piece of paper, and I could jump. Maybe even with a paint brush, pretending to paint the piece of paper. But why pretend? So I actually painted it, while taking a video to take stills from.

Was painting a piece of paper suspended only by two cords in the air a pain in the ass?


Did the stills come out terribly because i was using one of the crappiest cameras in the house (mac webcam)?


Did the painting actually come out pretty cool?

indeed it did.



nothing amazing, but I like it.



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