The sky dropped. I think.
Or maybe I dropped.
could be.
i was running a bath
filling it with air
washed off the old air
putting on the cleaner one i’d hung to dry earlier
when suddenly something or other dropped
like a water drop
not very elegant though
more of a sudden fall
may have been me
could be because i still hadn’t fixed that hole
the one in the fabric of space
by the tub
next to the soap.
it just opened up there a week ago
a sort of reddish-blackish-blueish-greenish-whitish splotch with frayed edges
i should have mended it
with duct tape, i suppose
or sewn it back together with the space thread sitting in the cupboard
but it was handy
if i ever needed to reach something from the bathroom
i just put my hand in the gap and pulled it out
or i swatted people in the head
only those who deserved it, i promise.
so here i am in space, or not space
staring through the gap
up at my bathtub
wishing I had fallen with a good book
and not a guide for assembling yeti shoes
with no words whatsoever
just full scale images of the gargantuan parts
but i folded up the guide
made a paper plane
and sat on it awkwardly.
then, with a running start
my bare feet slapping on nothingness
i flew through the hole
and found myself in my tub
holding a gargoyle instead of a guide to assembling yeti shoes.
it gave me derisive look and said
it’s tone dripping with sarcasm
“yeah, because yeti’s need shoes.”
then it flew off through my window.
I wiped the drips of sarcasm off my tub
and finished my bath.


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