I present to you my artistic representation of peace. I’m pretty proud of it, actually.


































and then there’s what my art teacher approves of as the representation of peace
































it is terrible. it wasn’t before i painted the sky with acrylics, realized it looked horrendous, tried to remove the part that i’d done, ended up making a small hole in the page because i am tremendously smart, and to further prove my intelligence i tried for about 15 minutes covering it with tissue (using the tissues by my bedside) to make it more homogeneous before realizing that i could just paint over it with tempera.

I still need to merge the sky with the rainbow thing.




together they make a rather mediocre piece. but only because i severely messed up the ladida rainbow half.

then came the part where i had to take a picture of it: i have two camera lenses, a 20-35 mm and a 105 mm (in english that would be a “landscape” and macro lens). I take a picture with the first and it comes out terrible, so i pull out my macro lens. This, of course, is waaay too close up. So I put my lamp on the floor, put the painting under it and stand on the extremely stable surface that is my rolling swiveling chair. Who needs more than two lenses when you can stand on chairs? (that’s the sound of the  collective face-palm of every photographer on earth).

The photo stil came out crappy (but less) either for my ineptitude with a camera or the lens or both.


(they’ll punch back)


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