Feeling Cloudy

Dutch artist Berndaut Smilde creates clouds. Now just immagine being able to reply to someone who asks what you do: “I make clouds.”                                                                     That’s not exactly his job, but that’s how I would answer.

He manages to make your every day nimbus cloud inside empty rooms, and to maintain them long enough to photograph it, resulting in the odd but beautiful scene of something completely out of place, made all the prettier in the unusual context.


My subtle mess

so here it is, my subtle mess. And it’s actually 99.999% true to my real bedside table.

so let’s see, we have:

my old lamp, hand cream (1 full bottle, 1 empty tube), a neglected cactus that still manages fine on it’s own, some jewelry, my scribbles from when a good idea comes in those moments when i’m staring at the ceiling unable to sleep, a nice bottle, a pencil, some painted rocks, a magnifying glass and a drinking glass, my purple swiss army knife and some chap stick. Oh and a box that hides all the mess that used to be on my bedside table (papers, missing pieces, anything without a place or that i’m too lazy to find one for it).


And I forgot to do yesterday’s drawing challenge… surely my bedside table can be considered an animal

Apple of my eye

Let me begin by saying that that saying has no sense. Whatsoever. But I guess you already know that.

hahaha. apple green eye. shameful pun. I’m not even sure if it qualifies as a pun.

anywho, I can’t deny that I’m also pretty proud of this, although the eyelashes look like they’re caked with mascara (no mascara intended) and the pupil’s a bit blobby. This is the corner of a pretty long canvas that is currently blank, but I’m planning to fill it with… well it’s a surprise. Also for myself.

I have shown you my pride and joy. Goodbye now.

More thisicolossal

My same reaction, whenever babies feel the urge to rub their (insert food) covered paws over my face, only i’m a touch more good-natured about it. But really, isn’t the face eerily human?

the music isn’t the greatest, if i have to be critical, but the choreography is great (and must have been a royal pain to be in the right pace, right time) and the idea is the cherry on top of a sundae of creativity.

Then, my favorite, the ink-in-water photography of Alberto Seveso. Hes is so my new role model now.


After more browsing, I found  darksilenceinsuburbia, yet another great art site.

It makes me think someone who, emotionally, is calmly falling apart. Sort of agreeing to be consumed from the inside out.

Then I found Tyree Callahan’s Chromatic Typewriter. Needless to say it’s an awesome idea. What would be cool is to get different artists to paint something with it, and then try to individuate who did what. See if they can imbue they’re own individual style using the same machine, the same colors, the same materials.