Book Review: New Moon

So I just finished reading new moon.

The plot: Edward leaves Bella, bella goes insane.

The downsides: it’s pretty tragic. Bella sees that adrenaline gives her visions of edward, so she starts doing things like riding motorcycles and cliff diving. She’s ruined and broken.

The upside: it’s gripping and really well written,even better than twilight, which makes up for the tragic part.

Of course SPOILER ALERT they see each other in the end and it’s somewhat a happily ever after. Not a Disney movie happily ever after (luckily, because those are so fake and boring and predictable), but a pretty good one.

Not much more I can say without giving away the entire story, so you’ll just have to read it.


Book Review: Twilight

Hi guys, sorry i haven’t been posting but things are busy. I guess my complaints of boredom at the beginning of the summer are getting their revenge.

Anyway,on twilight: in all honesty i haven’t finished the book, sort of halfway. I will continue this when i finish…

at the beginning i thought people were overdoing it, saying it’s like the best book ever, but it’s actually really well written and partially humorous. Mostly drama though (which i usually don’t like but this is an exception). It’s about a girl called bella who moves to a town called forks, and at school she meets this vampire, though she doesn’t know it at first. Bit by bit she figures it out though, and falls in love with him. To make it a bit more exciting, there are evil vampires that chase after bella, trying to drink her blood.

It’s as gripping as a thriller (though it isn’t one really) and enough humor to fix the parts that might be boring otherwise.

Book Review: The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth is a gripping book. In short, this boy called Milo who thinks life is boring and it sucks, gets a package one day and theres a tollbooth and a small car inside. Once he drives through he finds himself in a whole new world, with the enemy kingdoms of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis and loads in between.

Personally, I loved the book ‘cuz it’s whacky, weird and has a quirky sense of humor, very much like in Alice in Wonderland. The plot isn’t the most original (main character saves someone and brings the two kingdoms together), but it’s so funny and offbeat that it’s hard to mind.