Feeling Cloudy

Dutch artist Berndaut Smilde creates clouds. Now just immagine being able to reply to someone who asks what you do: “I make clouds.”                                                                     That’s not exactly his job, but that’s how I would answer.

He manages to make your every day nimbus cloud inside empty rooms, and to maintain them long enough to photograph it, resulting in the odd but beautiful scene of something completely out of place, made all the prettier in the unusual context.


New close-up lens!!!!

The audient void has reassured me that it will not take into consideration my lack of commitment for the last 2 tuesdays, because I have for you something truly grand:

I’m sure you think the shot of my elastic band is nothing short of sensational. But not only that, this is my ceremonious first shot with my new close-up lens!! (JOY :D).

and here is one of the next shots i took with the new lens. you see, with the cunning use of my tripod, some tape, a ceiling and some wool, i managed to get a somewhat decent shot of my eye. Just not my iris. Well, practice makes perfect.

Photo Tuesday avec une Cold

I have lost my voice. Which is both lovely and terrible: lovely because

1. nobody can test me in geography (they’re too lazy to make a written test)

2. I have an excuse not to answer things I would not want to answer, or say things I don’t feel like saying

terrible because

1a. the cause of my voicelessness is a cold (why the hell do I have to get a cold in spring???) which has, obviously, left me feeling tired and achy (or properly spelled “aky”) and grumpyish, hence

1b. when I really have to talk it hurts quite a bit

given the absence of my oral voice, my written voice is a relief.

moooving on, voilà la photo de ce mardi:

My darling dog’s nose, poking out of a pile of my old clothes

i forgote to say that all these photos that I post for photo tuesday are mine, taken by menot uploaded from the internet. Just so we’re clear.